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How Clamshell Packaging Can Successfully Market Your Food Products


Whether it’s salad or snacks, you want packaging that keeps food fresh, has great shelf appeal and the right price point.  Clamshell packaging is a great option for meeting these needs. Customers love the high visibility that shows off fresh food offerings and a flip lid that lets them enjoy food later. Commercial food producers love how easy the one-piece packaging is for managing inventory and production.

In this post we’ll show you why clamshell packaging is a great choice for your food products.

What Is Clamshell Packaging?

A clamshell package, as the name implies, consists of two pieces of packaging material joined at a hinge along one side, which allows it to open and close. Typically made of thermoformed plastic, the edges can be sealed with a label, pop-tight lock, or other mechanism to protect the food from damage and the air. 

Food processors can get clamshell packaging that’s stock - as in designed by the supplier in mass quantities - or made custom for the producer

Benefits of Stock Clamshell Packaging


When you order stock packaging, there are often cost benefits with ready-made options and molds available for cost-effective and fast production.


The sturdy packaging protects against improper handling during transport or storage. Once the consumer purchases the food, the packaging keeps food secure between the store, work and home.

Ensures Freshness 

Plastic clamshell packaging is designed to create a tight seal. In some cases, this can include leak resistant lids that securely seals your product from airborne contaminants, protecting its safety and freshness.


When consumers can clearly see the food, they are more likely to buy, especially if the company offers fresh, healthy ingredients. 


Tamper-resistant packaging provides retailers and consumers with peace of mind that food has been packaged and sealed safely. Stock clamshell packaging often includes tamper resistant options.


While custom options are always available, stock clamshell packaging can be found in many designs for a variety of foods, from salads to sandwiches to herbs.

Operational Advantage

Because the lid and bottom are attached, stock clamshell packaging options are one piece of material. This means one SKU and one item for inventory to manage.


We Know Clamshell Packaging

Lacerta has produced plastic food packaging since 1993 and in that time has developed a number of innovative packaging designs to meet your needs. Recently, we developed the Fresh N’ Sealed tamper resistant line, which features clamshell packaging, for a broad range of applications. 

Each plastic clamshell package in the Fresh n’ Sealed tamper resistant line is specially designed with:

  • Pop-tight lock

  • Easy closure

  • Clear PET materials to showcase your product

  • Fully recyclable materials

We offer clear, plastic clamshell packaging for sandwiches, salads, herbs, snacks and more. At Lacerta, we are committed to working with our customers to help them find packaging that meets their needs.

See for yourself the advantages of clamshell packaging and our Fresh N’ Sealed line. 

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