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Our Sustainability Promise




Lacerta is dedicated to a more sustainable future, and we’ve invested in growing our portfolio of sustainable plastic packaging solutions. We’ve also developed messaging to convey the value of sustainable packaging to your customers. Whatever your project or plastic packaging needs, we can help meet sustainability goals together.

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Meet ReCERTA™: Food Packaging for the Planet

ReCERTA™ marks the next, exciting chapter of our time-honored commitment to business practices that are good for the environment and our customers. Choosing ReCERTA™ guarantees an average of at least 10% PCR content across all of our PET products, with custom blends available upon request. 

See how ReCERTA™ meets your packaging and sustainability needs.

Full-Circle Sustainability

We design our product lifecycle to reduce waste, create cost efficiency, and maintain the highest levels of quality. The result? A more sustainable food packaging solution for our customers and consumers.


We use the highest quality recyclable PET. Our PCR processing ensures a durable product with high clarity.

Eliminating waste is critical to sustainable operations. We recycle all trim scrap, and by using post-consumer regrind (PCR), we use 79% less energy and produce 67% less emissions than virgin PET. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment converts recycled plastic into FDA-compliant food-safe packaging.

Using recyclable plastic gives packaging another life. We make much of our packaging stock with recyclable PET plastic. Our life cycle assessment tool helps you find the right materials for your sustainability goals.

Lightweight and strong, plastic is a superior option for cost-effective packaging and lowering shipping weights and costs.

Completely eliminating plastics isn’t practical. Instead, we can be more thoughtful about plastic. By using less packaging when possible, recyclable packaging, and PCR, we help you deliver quality food and protect the planet.

Consumers today want to do what’s right. We provide you with messages and materials that help educate shoppers about the benefits of sustainable plastic and recyclable packaging.

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Big Impact. Better Future.

Our sustainability efforts are getting results. With state-of-the-art production equipment and innovative tools to assess impact, we’re making gains to reduce waste and emissions. By using 10% recycled materials, we save an equivalent of:



cars off the road


barrels of oil saved


homes powered a year

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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