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Meet ReCERTA™: Our Sustainable PCR Plastic Packaging

Reaching Your Sustainability Goals Matters. ReCERTA™ Helps You Get There.

Lacerta’s new ReCERTA™ material is a sustainable post-consumer recycled plastic for our food packaging products. Today, our entire PET packaging portfolio is made with ReCERTA™, which guarantees an average of at least 10% FDA-approved PCR content, with custom blends available upon request.

ReCERTA™ material offers the same speed to market, best-class service, and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities that our customers already enjoy — but with even more ways to meet their sustainability goals. Choosing ReCERTA™ also means benefitting from our deep-rooted sustainability and recycling expertise and in-house production and design capabilities, which help you establish and achieve your ESG objectives, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower emissions.

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More Than a Material

ReCERTA™ is more than PCR packaging—it’s the next chapter in our time-honored commitment to sustainability and our way of helping our customers deliver more sustainable outcomes. Our goal is to meet you exactly where you are in your sustainability journey, providing you with expert sustainability counsel, messaging support, and ESG guidance.
We’ve invested in comprehensive life cycle assessments to help our customers determine their overall environmental impact and compare various substrates from an environmental perspective. The results may not only inform future packaging design decisions but also better showcase your sustainability efforts.
Our team of in-house experts provides end-to-end sustainability support, including setting and helping reach ESGs, educating customers on sustainability best practices, and helping customers craft sustainable messaging to consumers.
Our customer-first mindset is at the core of who we are and how we do business. While all ReCERTA™ material is guaranteed an average of 10% PCR content at minimum, custom blends are available upon request.
In addition to sustainable, cost-effective food packaging, ReCERTA™ customers enjoy everything that already makes us who we are: short lead times, speed to market, and a low cost of entry (including tooling costs for custom solutions).
Our sustainability promise extends beyond PCR content; it’s central to our history and vision for our future. That includes reducing transport emissions, mitigating water consumption during production, and choosing the highest quality recyclable PET.

Better Packaging for Our Planet. Better Outcomes for Our Customers.

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ReCERTA™ by the Numbers

The environmental impact of PCR materials speaks for itself. See how our ReCERTA™ can help you quantify your results to consumers and track your ESG efforts. Based on our 2024 PET production, we save the equivalent of:


Gallons of gasoline


Barrels of oil


Gallons of water

Satisfy Your Sustainability and Packaging Needs

We use ReCERTA™ material across our entire collection of PET-based products so that you can find the perfect packaging without sacrificing sustainability. Request a sample today:

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