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Answers to your questions on sustainability, custom orders, timelines, and more.


We make a majority of our packaging from PET Plastic, which is 100% recyclable. PET is a strong, clear plastic commonly used in soda and water bottles.

We also use PCR (post-consumer resin), an environmentally-friendly packaging option created using recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. Our sustainable ReCERTA™ material features an average of 10% or more PCR content across all of our PET-based packaging — with customizable blends available upon request. 

And the numbers speak for themselves. Our use of post-consumer recycled material saves roughly 33,000 barrels of oil, which is enough to heat 5,400 homes for a year. Currently, we have six products made from an average of 100% post-consumer plastic.

Where you get your recycled plastic matters. We work with sourcing partners in the U.S. and around the world to reduce plastic waste in local communities and the environment.


The majority of our products are recyclable. As you browse the different food packaging options, select the recyclable feature on the filter to confirm the recyclable products.

There can be minor clarity differences or variations between non-recycled and recycled products. These imperfections are so minor that most consumers will not notice the difference. In most cases, these imperfections are only noticeable when reviewing a full stack of products. The minor clarity differences are not visible to consumers when containers have food in them.

At Lacerta, we’re committed to weaving sustainability into every aspect of our business, including in our facilities. How?

  • In-house water on a circular system
  • All lighting in production and warehouses is halogen (LED) on motion sensors
  • Air compressors and production & auxiliary equipment run on demand to minimize electricity
  • Internal recycling of material
  • Boxes and pallets sent out for recycling
  • In winter, machines are cooled via outside air


Lacerta offers expert technological capabilities to provide turnkey, cost-efficient solutions for every customer. A full-service, on-premise design shop includes concept drawings, in-house fabrication, prototype thermoformers, and mold making and tooling.

Our PCR products are created on-site. We convert PCR flakes into food-safe sheets to make containers with in-house extrusion capabilities. Thermoforming production takes those plastic sheets and converts them into plastic parts. Our tools are designed for quick changeovers, enabling us to respond quickly to evolving customer needs.

With a dedicated print department, we work with customers to develop unique custom print designs, helping brand owners stand out on the shelf.

Absolutely. Our custom packaging process includes six tried-and-true steps that ensure we meet your exact requirements at the lowest possible cost every time. Our experienced design team works closely with our customers to make their vision come true.

We have stock packaging solutions that address a majority of packaging needs. However, if you have more specific needs, we are here to help. All custom projects start with a thorough assessment of your needs. Start by completing a Packaging Needs Assessment form. Don’t know some answers? Don’t worry – take your best guess or leave it blank. Then, we will meet with you to discuss and completely understand your needs.


We have hundreds of food packaging solutions in every shape and size, which are at the ready in our on-site warehouse. Stock orders can be shipped in four weeks. For custom orders, our turnaround time is typically six weeks from the date the design is approved, depending on the order size.

While we primarily focus on food packaging, we also have custom packaging for cosmetics, consumer/retail, electronic/industrial, and medical.

With our food packaging, we have something that can fit your every need. Our in-stock food packaging includes:

  • Fresh N’ Sealed
  • Snack packaging
  • Containers
  • Party platters
  • Microwaveable packaging
  • Salad and herb containers
  • Bakery and specialty platters,
  • and more!

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in our in-stock selection, no worries! We can custom design what you need.

We have manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and California. We provide service across North America and can work internationally.

We have no upper limit on what you can order. All products need to be ordered in full pallet quantities. How much is in a pallet? A pallet is typically 6,000 to 20,000 parts per pallet.

We do both!

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