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Lacerta Group LLC Launches Hot N’ Sealed: Tamper-Resistant Packaging


Mansfield, Massachusetts – Lacerta Group LLC has announced the launch of Hot N’ Sealed, a new microwaveable food packaging line for prepared foods. Available in three sizes, Hot N’ Sealed packaging is perfect for side dishes, individual meals, and family meals. Standout features include:

  • Easy-to-open, tamper-resistant closure so your food travels safely
  • A leak-resistant PET lid provides clarity, highlighting quality ingredients and boosting shelf appeal
  • Strong materials and smart design to preserve food freshness

A recent boom in grocery delivery and grab-and-go markets has spurred a new host of prepared food products at food retailers across North America. Food producers and grocery chains have expanded their food options and need strong, tamper-resistant packaging to ensure a positive customer experience. 


“Our new Hot N’ Sealed line offers so much more than a ready-to-heat packaging option,” said Craig Muldrew, VP of Sales and Marketing for Lacerta. “The superior quality, durability, and attractive design help food producers and retailers elevate their grab-and-go food offerings, increase shelf appeal, keep food safe and secure, and ultimately better meet consumer demands.”


Lacerta’s Hot N’ Sealed food packaging line is available as a stock option to food production companies in North America. Companies can request a sample kit by contacting our in-house packaging experts at https://info.lacerta.com/hot-n-sealed


About Lacerta

Lacerta Group, LLC has provided custom and stock packaging solutions for food processors and supermarkets for over 30 years. Sustainability is at the core of our history and a guiding force for our future. From investing in state-of-the-art recycling technology to using post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials across our product portfolio, our mission is to deliver packaging solutions that are good for our customers and good for the world.


Lacerta is known for our speed to market, innovation, and partnership. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to meet their unique food packaging requirements and deliver products that maximize performance and appeal. Whatever your needs across the product life cycle, our fully integrated design and manufacturing platform can help you tackle any packaging challenge. 


Our success is rooted in successful outcomes for our customers – and their customers. 

For more information about Lacerta, go to lacerta.com. 

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