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Leverage Grab and Go Demand with High Quality Food Packaging


Inflation hit a 40-year high in 2022, driving concern that consumer spending would drop, but the grab-and-go share of the food retail market is showing no signs of slowing. As consumers begin to feel the impact of inflation on their wallets, many are seeking more affordable alternatives to restaurant meals. Prepared meals that come in high-quality food packaging at grocery chains and convenience stores are filling the need for convenient, fresh meals that are ready fast.

In this piece, we’ll explore why and how your company can leverage this trend and use retail food packaging containers to grab consumers’ attention in a grocery store full of choices.

Costs are up, and spending habits changing

Eating out has always been the more expensive food option, but this has become
increasingly so in the past year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,
restaurant prices are up 7.7% in 2022. Simultaneously, interest in grab-and-go
meals at grocery stores are increasing; spending on freshly prepared foods reached $21 billion in 2021, up 18.4% over 2020.

Convenience stores are also seizing this opportunity, offering another convenient
option beyond fast food in areas underserved by grocers. These chains recognize that people on the go are looking for fresh food. More so, they prefer healthier options made with high-quality ingredients. To meet this demand, convenience stores seek to change perceptions and offer more quality grab-and-go options.

In addition, the rise of delivery services has changed how younger generations
access convenient food options. With many services offering delivery from grocery chains, consumers now have a healthier and more affordable grab-and-go alternative to restaurant takeout.

Why people are choosing grab and go

Inflation: As noted, inflation is putting pressure on Americans’ budgets. While this
traditionally has led to people eating in more often, the rise in grab-and-go options– aided in part by innovative approaches to retail food packaging containers–have shown shoppers there is a more affordable option to going out to eat that saves them the effort of cooking from scratch.

Food quality: Grocery stores offer a wide range of food options you can heat
when ready to eat, so they are always at the right temperature. This includes tasty vegetable side dishes, salads, and time-consuming comfort foods, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Convenience: Grocery delivery, curbside pickup, and delivery apps like DoorDash
can bring grab-and-go options to you with just a few clicks. Shoppers can simply head to the prepared food section after a long day at work and have a full meal that takes a fraction of the time to prepare compared to cooking from scratch.

Healthy: Grab-and-go options include plenty of comfort foods, but there are also lots of vegetables, salads, fish, and lean meats available too. Stores are also packaging plant-based and gluten-free dishes to meet the demand from consumers who follow these diets.

Comfort: Grab and go lets people experience the comfort of a home-cooked meal without the dirty dishes. Consumers only need to put the food on a plate and warm it up, or in some cases, eat straight from the food packaging.

High-quality food packaging for grab-and-go meals

As food producers and grocers look to leverage this trend, how to package these
products in an enticing and cost-effective way will be a major consideration. Here are a few things your company should consider.

To reduce shrinkage, sellers need retail food packaging containers with long
shelf life. This includes thinking about how the food will be packaged together to
ensure ingredients look and taste fresh.

Retailers also need high-quality food packaging strong enough to withstand
travel from store to home. Delivery services often manage multiple orders at once, by car and bicycle. This can mean lots of jostling that can impact how packaged food items look.

As food options expand, sellers must consider innovative ways to package these
new items to grab consumers' attention on a growingly crowded shelf. Where the
item will be positioned on the shelf and label placement should be considered to
make the food look its best.

Work with a food packaging partner for smoother expansion

If your company decides that grab-and-go is the way to go, here’s how working with an experienced food packaging vendors will help.

  • Faster ROI: Avoid shrinkage with high-quality food packaging that offers longer shelf life. Your food packaging partner should offer sealing options that lock in freshness and are tamper-resistant.

  • Innovative designs: Food packaging should not be one-size-fits-all. The right partner can offer cost-effective custom food packaging options for your food.

  • Guidance not guessing: You get years of industry experience with the right packaging partner. They can answer questions, provide innovative design ideas, and get you to market quickly.

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