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5 Reasons to Select Custom Food Packaging Containers


When deciding on food packaging design, most companies focus on keeping food fresh and cost-effective. But customer impressions are just as important; food packaging should make the product look good–and tasty. Companies must also find ways to creatively showcase the healthy, quality ingredients they use to stand out in this competitive space.

Custom food packaging is a great way to achieve these goals. 


Why choose custom food packaging?

Good food packaging design can enhance shelf appeal, increase shelf life, and offer a more convenient way for your customer to eat on the go. 

Many believe custom food packaging containers are more expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case, especially when working in high volumes. If your food looks more appealing or catches the eye because it’s delivered in a unique way, custom packaging will entice more people to buy and, in the end, offer a solid return on investment.

Thinking about custom food packaging? Here are some additional benefits to consider when deciding if a custom food packaging design is right for you.

 1. Freedom to Create

When you’re offering high-quality ingredients and appealing to customer demands for freshness and convenience, custom food packaging offers more ways to deliver in a unique way. Use garnish inserts to bring croutons or a special ingredient to the fore, keeping them fresh and highlighting the added value to the customer, or use vertical packaging where sandwich ingredients are clearly visible and enticing. 

With these added options, you no longer have to create food to fit into existing packaging. It allows you to create the recipe, the portion size, and the price point you want.

 2. Stand Out From the Competition

A lot goes into your food products: freshness, high-quality, healthy ingredients, and unique options. Your high-quality food needs packaging that showcases this key difference from the competition. 

Tell us about your food and what you’re looking for, and we’ll design it from scratch. Whether you want a small change to an existing package or a fresh new take, we create contemporary custom food packaging with clean lines and simple, informative labeling.

A cleaner design allows people to see more of your food and quickly assess what’s inside, which will ultimately help you stand out.

 3. Optimized for Shelf Placement

You want to present food in a way that’s compelling, and the customer can see its best aspects, whether it’s salad toppings, fresh lettuce in a sandwich, or field-ripened fruits in a healthy snack pack. 

When you work with a custom food packaging vendor, you get more options that help you make the most out of shelf placement. Is it at eye level or looking down at the food within a case? Your food packaging manufacturer can tell you which package style shows the best aspects of your food.

 4. Less Packaging and Plastic

While consumers value convenience, they’re also thinking about sustainability more than ever. Food packaging containers that use recycled materials or are designed to use less plastic are some of the ways manufacturers can help your company meet this demand.

Lacerta’s Film Seal containers – available custom food packaging designs – are one example. This option uses 35% less plastic than traditional clamshell packaging and helps extend shelf life. 

 5. Vendor Expertise

Whether it’s creating custom food packaging for your newest menu offering or optimizing the shelf appeal of an existing product, leaning on the expertise of your food packaging manufacturer will help you create custom packaging that’s designed to maintain food integrity. It can help you ensure what you create looks and tastes as intended, extend shelf life, so food lasts longer, and maximize merchandising appeal.

Working with Lacerta Group brings these benefits and more. We take a consultative approach to this design process, providing you with access to 30 years of expertise in the industry. We frequently consult with buyers, distributors, and chefs to make food stand out. Our minimalist custom packaging is well-designed and modern, and our dedicated team is known for its service and responsiveness.

We also do all prototyping and designs in-house to make your custom design process more cost-effective. And Lacerta offers faster speed to market, with custom packaging ready in as little as six weeks. 

When deciding on custom food packaging, it helps to work with a company that understands your needs to ensure the right design for your food.

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