Custom and Stock Thermoformed Plastics Packaging

We design and manufacture packaging for multiple industries

From food and retail products to medical devices and cosmetic items, Lacerta creates precise and functional trays,  blisters, clamshells and containers for hundreds of products across multiple industries.

  • Food
    Test market new food products as well as create packaging for automation environments.
  • Medical devices and pharmaceutical
    Tamper-resistant packaging protects medications and medical devices.
  • Cosmetic
    Give your perfume, makeup or other cosmetic product the “oomph” it needs with beautifully designed trays.
  • Consumer / Retail
    Protect your products while allowing consumers to see them with custom designed clamshells, blisters, clubpacks or trays.
  • Industrial / Electronic
    Ensure components stay in place during with trays designed for shipping and manual or automated production environments.

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