Lacerta Group: Plastic Package Manufacturers

We can accommodate your large plastic packaging run

At the heart of our 130,000 square foot facility is our thermoforming production area. This process involves heating plastic sheets to a pliable temperature, molding, then trimming and cooling material into a usable product. With our 12 fully computerized thermoforming machines, we can accommodate multiple runs of large to small quantities.

We manufacture thermoformed plastic products that include clamshells, trays, blisters and container packaging for a variety of industries including food, medical device and pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer and retail, industrial and electronics, and protective packaging.

Stock and custom thermoformed products are available with Thermoforming capabilities include fold over, snap shut, tri-fold, plus stacking features on clamshells and trays to meet your specific requirements.

No matter what your budget or market, we can produce thermoformed products for you.

  • Cleanroom production
    Our two Class 100,000 Cleanrooms are certified annually and meet / exceed Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644 Part I.
  • Material expertise
    From standard plastics to sustainable eco-friendly materials, we can assist you on choosing the right material for your product and budget.
  • Custom and stock products
    We work with material thicknesses from 0.006” to 0.250” and part sizes from small to as long as 68” x 12” deep.
  • Rigorous QA
    Products are regularly inspected and quality controlled to meet your exacting requirements.
  • Turnkey service
    To save you time and money, we offer product printing, fulfillment, contract packaging and assembly services.

To learn more, call us at 508-339-3312 or send email to email us.

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