Lacerta Group Now Offers Colored Thermoformed Lids for the Food Industry

Colored lids give food companies distinctive packaging that sets products apart

September 26, 2011

Mansfield, MA – Lacerta Group, Inc., a custom thermoforming and packaging manufacturer, now offers standard and custom-made colored lids for the food industry. Colored lids allow food companies to create eye-catching and distinctive packaging that set products apart on the shelves and that reinforce branding.

As one of only a few thermoformers in the U.S. to offer this specialty capability, Lacerta Group is able to print the plastic and then form the lid or create a line of color a precise distance in from the lid edge. Tight registration, precise trimming, and strict quality control procedures ensure print edges don’t bleed and that printing is consistent throughout the production run.

Lacerta works with food manufacturers to develop a full turnkey process, including packaging design and development, prototyping, tooling, market testing and ramp-up and full production runs. All work is performed in the U.S. at Lacerta’s 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

About Lacerta Group, Inc.

Lacerta Group, Inc. has been providing custom thermoforming and contract packaging since 1993. Products include custom and stock thermoformed blister, tray, clamshell and container packaging. For more information, visit or call 508-339-3312.

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